Give an Old Tradition New Life: Why You Should Take Up Cross-Stitch

by Rose Wolkins 05/02/2021

Image by tookapic from Pixabay

When you think of cross-stitching, you may imagine someone from centuries ago intently focused on their needlework. However, the traditional art of needlework and embroidery is still trendy today. Now may be the best time for you to consider taking up cross-stitch as your next hobby.

Is Cross-Stitch Making a Comeback?

In recent years, cross-stitch has become the ideal option for modern crafters who are looking to work with their hands and enjoy traditional needlework. In order to meet the needs of these contemporary stitchers there has been an influx of new pattern designs that reflect modern tastes and preferences. This has made it more appealing for people of all ages to take up this craft and try something new that used to be considered quite old-fashioned.

Cross-Stitch Trends for 2021

If you are thinking about starting up a new cross-stitch project, you may want to consider these current trends:

  • Funny or sarcastic sayings. Rather than the sweet sayings your grandmother embroidered, you can add a touch of humor to your pieces.
  • Pixelated family portraits. These simple and quick projects are perfect for your home or for a gift for someone you love.
  • Colored backgrounds. You can now purchase embroidery cloth in various colors, allowing you to create bright and bold statement pieces for your home.

The Benefits of Cross-Stitching

There are several benefits to cross-stitching that you may want to consider:

  • Cross-stitching can help you be more focused and mindful. This is a craft that requires your full attention, and you can train your brain to focus on the moment.
  • Cross-stitching can help you reduce stress. By being more present and focusing on the craft you are working on with your hands, you will begin to forget your other troubles and worries that may be clouding your mind.
  • Cross-stitching can bring on a sense of calmness. The craft may seem repetitive, but many people find it soothing to complete the same stitch over and over again.

Unique Ways to Use Your Finished Cross-Stitched Pieces in Your Home

One of the things that homeowners love the most about cross-stitching is that their finished works become the newest decor item in their home. Here are a few unique ways to use your finished cross-stitched pieces:

  • Frame the finished work and hang it as a conversation piece in your room. You can show off your hard work as well as explain what it means to you.
  • Create a small piece that can be framed and used as a tabletop decor. This may be ideal for an end table, a kitchen countertop or an office desk.
  • Attach a string or hook to a small finished piece, and create an ornament out of it. You can hang it year-round on an ornament hanger, or rest it on a branch of your Christmas tree during the holidays.

Cross-stitch is the type of craft that you can pick up and enjoy, but put aside when you don't have any more time to work on it, making it the perfect option for busy homeowners. Plus, when you do finally finish your piece, it becomes a beautiful accent in your home.

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